Exit & Emergency Lighting

When the Lights Go Out…

Will your emergency lights and other safety lighting work when you need them? You may have emergency and exit lights in all the right places, but that does little good in an emergency if those lights haven’t been properly maintained. Gene Ptacek and Son Fire Equipment has a dedicated team of factory-trained technicians who can ensure that your emergency/exit lights are properly placed and function correctly.

Are you aware…?
  • Routine inspection and maintenance of emergency lighting equipment is required by OSHA, NFPA Standard 101, and Life Safety Code.
  • All exit lights are required to stay illuminated for at least 90 minutes after power failure.
  • Every exit shall be clearly visible, or the route to reach every exit shall be conspicuously indicated.
  • Other than main exterior exit doors that obviously and clearly are identified as exits, exits shall be marked by an approved sign that is readily visible from any direction of exit access.
inspections / Testing / Maintenance
  • Monthly inspections.
  • Ensure the emergency lighting equipment is in its designated place.
  • Inspect the housing for physical damage.
  • Push the test switch for 30 seconds.
  • Verify lamps are illuminated and aimed in the correct direction.
  • Maintain the monthly log for inspection by the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ).
  • Record any deficiencies discovered during the inspection process
Repairs / Emergency Service
  • Annual maintenance.
  • Conduct a thorough examination of the unit.
  • Conduct an operational test of the battery and lighting system for the required 90 minutes.
  • Check the condition and voltage of the battery and verify manufacturer date.
  • Check AC/DC lamps or bulbs for damage and proper operation.
  • Verify charging circuit is operational and working properly.
  • Apply emergency lighting test label to each light upon completion.
  • 24/7 emergency service
When the power goes out, GPS can help keep you out of the dark.
Contact GPS today to work emergency and exit lighting testing into your fire protection package for greater value and coverage.